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Meet the Author

Meghan March has been writing books since she was eight years old. Eventually it became her full-time job, and she lived happily ever after, writing books for children and adults with her beloved husband, Jacob Wilson.

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Meet the Illustrator

Josh Woods used to sit at his kitchen table drawing while his mom painted watercolors. His childhood dream was to illustrate children's books. With the Beatrice series, that dream has come true. Also a world famous tattoo artist, and featured on Ink Master Season 1, Josh lives in the land of sun with his beloved hairless cats, Beatrice and Bob.

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Meet Beatrice

Born and raised in Southern California, Beatrice is a Sphynx with a rare "Elf Cat" gene. She loves attention, toys, mischief, her Dad Josh, and all ladies. Her adorable cuteness and Josh's adoration of her inspired Meghan to immortalize her in her very own book series.

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